My Journey… from Antagonism to Confidence

At age 31 with 2 small children, I had a very close friend with very different beliefs about health and wellness. While I was proud of my selection of pediatricians (a teaching M.D. at Mt. Sinai in New York), she was proud of rubbing garlic on her baby’s feet! Now this and many other idiosyncrasies . . . → Read More: My Journey… from Antagonism to Confidence

Stolen Harvest, Vandana Shiva

Shiva presents a compelling argument from the perspective of citizens of the southern hemisphere, most of whom are farmers. Health implications of genetically modified foods, chemical fertilizers and pesticides on consumers is mentioned, but the main focus is on the health, social and economic implications of those producing the food. Although this is an issue . . . → Read More: Stolen Harvest, Vandana Shiva

Why is the question, “What it eat?”, so complicated?

I love Marion Nestle’s answer in her book , What to Eat. As a professor of nutrition at NYU and a former adviser for several USDA, FDA and Health and Human Services committees, she has a unique perspective.

Nutrition topics are often controversial, and here is the short reason why: the science is complicated. Complicated . . . → Read More: Why is the question, “What it eat?”, so complicated?

Who Do I Trust in Health Care?

The health care industry is undergoing much change. Do you remember when the airline industry, the phone industry, the power industry were under strict government regulation and we, as consumers, had limited access? That is much like where the health care industry was from the mid to late twentieth century. As of the mid-90’s . . . → Read More: Who Do I Trust in Health Care?


The definition of holistic is, “emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.” This is generally seen in contrast to reductionism where the total system is taken apart and studied as individual units. A holistic approach to healing recognizes that the soul (emotions, mind and will), the spirit and the physical . . . → Read More: Holistic

Empty Harvest, Dr. Bernard Jensen & Dr. Mark Anderson

The subtitle, understanding the link between out food, our immunity and our planet, summarizes the mission of Jensen and Anderson in creating an awareness of the intimate relationship between our food supply, our health and environmental issues that concern us today. They provide a clear and compelling case that healthy soil delivers healthy crops that . . . → Read More: Empty Harvest, Dr. Bernard Jensen & Dr. Mark Anderson

A New Start

The thought of starting a new Doctoral program at age 43 that will require a minimum of three years can be overwhelming on some days. It is a long story, but I was finished with the coursework of a PhD program after two years and ready to begin the dissertation research when the school suddenly . . . → Read More: A New Start

The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan

“What should we have for dinner? This book is a long and fairly involved answer to that seemingly simple question. Along the way, it also tries to figure out how such a simple question could ever have gotten so complicated.” (pg. 1) Michael Pollan is a fabulous writer and this is an enjoyable, easy to . . . → Read More: The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan

What to Eat, Marion Nestle

What to Eat is a concise review of all the questions you might want to ask a trusted nutrition expert as you walk through the grocery store with her. Nestle’s approach is very practical and she does an excellent job of untangling issues of health claims, food industry marketing and moral or ethical issues. She . . . → Read More: What to Eat, Marion Nestle

Inspiration from the Twitter Diet

The thought of starting a blog has entered my mind before, although I had a tough time getting my head around what I might write about. As I am beginning a new program of study at the age of forty-three – Doctor of Science in Holistic Nutrition – it occurred to me that the products . . . → Read More: Inspiration from the Twitter Diet

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