A New Start

The thought of starting a new Doctoral program at age 43 that will require a minimum of three years can be overwhelming on some days.  It is a long story, but I was finished with the coursework of a PhD program after two years and ready to begin the dissertation research when the school suddenly closed.  After a week of prayer and research on quality distance learning programs, I chose to move ahead with a new program.  I view it as adding onto my education rather than starting over.  Starting over sounds like there was no benefit to the previous coursework and that would not be true.  Every experience teaches us something, even if the lesson is that I know what I do not want to do in the field of nutrition.

Doctor of Science in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University is such a better fit for me.  The reading is amazing.  You will get to experience that with me as I blog the annotated bibliography of the books, articles and research papers that I read as part of the program.  The projects are experiential in nature and therefore practical for my private practice in nutrition.  The proficiency requirements are also practical as I will develop talks, articles and research papers that will be of interest to my clients and a broader audience.  And for a bonus, the director of the doctoral program and my advisor is Dr. Liz Lipski.  Dr. Lipski is known worldwide for her book, Digestive Wellness, and is a popular speaker in on nutrition and naturopathy.

I found myself after that first devastating week excited to move forward and ready to share what I am learning with those who want to journey with me.  Here is a road map for the coursework going forward.  Each of these will be a category so that you can easily find information by topic…

Nutrition Politics & Policies

Environmental Nutrition

Gastrointestinal Metabolism – Processes & Defense

Detoxification & Biotransformation Systems

Nutrition, Immunology & Inflammation

Cardiovascular Nutrition

Nutrition & Endocrinology

Nutrition & Neurology

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