Who Do I Trust in Health Care?

The health care industry is undergoing much change.  Do you remember when the airline industry, the phone industry, the power industry were under strict government regulation and we, as consumers, had limited access?  That is much like where the health care industry was from the mid to late twentieth century.  As of the mid-90’s some aspects of health care have experienced de-regulation due to court cases where patients demanded their right to choose their mode of care. Simultaneously the battle rages on to increase regulation and tighten control of one group over another.  A market controlled system can be very efficient when all the mechanisms of transparent information, choice and review are in place.  However, we are in the transition years and there is much confusion.  There is an overwhelming amount of health data available. It truly takes a dedicated effort and a mind for medical terms, biology and statistics to really make sense of it all.

I believe that when the holistic health industry truly matures, there will be a realization that there are MANY WAYS to achieve optimal health, not just ONE TRUE WAY.  In fact, that is the #1 warning sign –  avoid those who claim, “ONE true way with this ONE great product.”  Experience has shown that this is marketing speak for, “I just want your money for a few months.”

I believe that you will naturally be attracted to health practitioners (of any background) who have lived through many of your own struggles and have overcome. Your heart leads you there if you will choose to listen.  The basis of how you find someone to trust is the question, “Do you do this, yourself? If not, on what basis do you recommend this?”  Most well meaning practitioners are only too willing to answer these questions.

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