Why is the question, “What it eat?”, so complicated?

I love Marion Nestle’s answer in her book , What to Eat.  As a professor of nutrition at NYU and a former adviser for several USDA, FDA and Health and Human Services committees, she has a unique perspective.

Nutrition topics are often controversial, and here is the short reason why: the science is complicated.  Complicated science is subject to interpretation, and interpretation depends on point of view.  And point of view can reflect vested interests.

“Vested interests” simply means anyone who makes money off of what we eat.  As she explains so well in her book , that includes industrial farming (most of the food in the U.S.), food processors (anything in a box, bag or generally that is advertised), food additive companies (chemical companies),  grocery stores, and dare we say the industries that benefit from the growing trend of ill health… pharmaceutical companies, etc…

Understanding these vested interests is about understanding food marketing and all of the strategies put in place to try and get you to buy and eat what you know you should not eat.  It can begin to make you feel like the deck is stacked against you (and it is!) but it can also be empowering to be an informed consumer.  Armed with that information you can make better choices for yourself and your family.

To your health!

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