Cancer Tears

I am sitting outside on a beautiful sunny day shedding more than a few tears over a woman, my age, who has advanced pancreatic cancer.  Mid-forties, four small children, husband.  I don’t even really know her.  She is the wife of a my husband’s college friend and we have not even seen him since our wedding twenty-two years ago.

I have kept up with many friends, family and distant acquaintances through the technological tool of Caring Bridge.  It is a wonderful way to know how to pray and what is needed for those going through tough times.  And yet I find myself fighting the urge to make militant posts to the journals…. “Don’t you know the statistics!!!!  Don’t you know that Dr. Gonzalez gets amazingly better results treating  pancreatic cancer with enzyme therapy than Columbia University – the leader in conventional cancer treatment in this country?”  And then I remember that I did not know this eight years ago.  I would never have picked up Suzanne Somers’ book, KNOCKOUT, and even if I had looked through it I may have written it off when I weighed in with a real medical doctor.  And I remember the fear that drove me to the doctor every year and kept me hoping that I would make it just one more year without the dreaded cancer diagnosis that seemed to fall from the sky.

And so I watch the same march, over and over through treatment, set back and sometimes survival, but not without significant costs.  And I sit here and cry.  Realizing that even the mere effort of trying to connect with this family and share what I have learned will put me in the category of “quack” or “crazy woman” or worse yet, insincere as someone who has not really faced cancer. I also realize that the information is there for those who look for it.  Suzanne Somers highlights three very reputable doctors who treat cancer with low dose or no chemotherapy and utilize less toxic methods that strengthen the immune system and fight the cancer…

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez in New York City

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski in Houston, TX

Dr. James Forsythe in Reno, Nevada

I pray that you will take the time to read the book and reinforce your confidence in your body’s innate ability to heal so that when you are faced with a health crisis yourself or with a loved one, you will be able to operate out of peace and trust.  Blessings.

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