Cost of Eating Healthy

Can you really eat a full nine servings of fruits (4 servings) and vegetables (5 servings) for only a few dollars per day?   YES!

If you did, would that make you healthier?  MOST LIKELY!

Marion Nestle, in her book, What to Eat, debunks the myth that cost can truly be the leading factor in why we do not eat enough fruits & vegetables.  In she points to a 1999 study that shows you can eat 7 servings (the 1999 recommendation) for just $0.64, even accounting for waste!  She was skeptical, so she repeated it herself.  Once you realize that the serving size is only one-half a cup of fruit or vegetables (about ½ and apple) or a full cup for salad greens, you can see that many salads or typical portions may account for at least two servings.  She found that you could eat nine servings/day for about $1.85!  Double that and we could eat the freshest, organic produce each day for less that $4.00.

So if it is not cost in dollars for most of us, then what is the issue?  TIME.  SKILLS.  PERSONAL TASTE.  INTENTION.

I know for me, it took a serious look at what I wanted for my own health and then for my family before I took the TIME to learn new SKILLS that expanded my PERSONAL TASTE and gave me renewed INTENTION to pay more attention to what we put in our bodies.  The good news is that once I took a step in this new direction, it became clear that there were many other people to walk with me.

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