Do Not Get Discouraged

Occasionally, I will experience a growing apprehension over this adventure I have chosen.  I usually comes after a week that has just spiraled out of control due to life circumstances or a new challenge that has proven particularly difficult to tackle.  This fall has been a series of these… good week, tough  week, good week, tough week.

When I find myself in this place of striving, discontent and even despair, I go back to my journal and I write.  I also go to the first page and start reading.  I encourage myself as I read all that has been accomplished, not just in things that I can check off a list but also the things that I see changing in me.

I do not always get special insight from this exercise, but on October 4th I really did.  I pray this will encourage you in your path as well.

Do not get discouraged.  You are building a base that is wide and deep.  In the meantime, you are doing what you enjoy.  Enjoy it.  Over the course of these “building” months and years you are developing vision, mission, goals and strategies that will be the foundation of your success for the future.  Not a fly by night quick strategy but a real solution for real people.

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