The Wholism of Holistic

If you have ever said, “My health was great until ______.  Ever since then, it seems like it is one thing after another”, then you have experienced the wholism of holistic health.  It used to be that we intuitively knew that sick was just sick and health was more than the ability to make it thorough the day as we go through the motions.  That was before the rise of Newtonian physics and what we now know as modern, reductionist science.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Science has provided some amazing advances in medicine and medical research that we certainly appreciate.  If you are in a car wreck, have a gunshot wound or are in the midst of a heart attack, medical science has the ability to literally suspend life, fix the problem, and put you back together… certainly better than you were when you were wheeled in the door.

The problems start when you apply that fixing philosophy to auto-immune, chronic inflammation and illness rather than looking at the system as a whole.  You see, most of our health problems are not technical problems that need to be fixed.  Most issues are adaptive problems that require us to change daily lifestyle habits because what we are doing is undermining our immune systems’ ability to heal.  When we understand the cause from a holistic perspective and address that one area holistically (meaning looking at more than just suppressing physical symptoms) the immune system begins to rebuild everything.  What looked like impending doom with your health, begins to look more hopeful.

And then we get back to philosophy of health care and a point where the soft sciences of psychology, self-help, and spirituality are intersecting with the hard sciences of biochemistry and medical research and proving from every direction that the immune system is THE healing mechanism of choice and that you will not ultimately heal without your immune system doing it’s job.

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