Why Do My Taxes Subsidize Fast Food?

Why is a hamburger cheaper than a salad?

What are the real costs of the processed foods and inexpensive chicken, hamburger and fish that I buy at the local grocery store?

After completing the Nutrition Politics and Policies course, I took a few weeks to do some deep breathing. The amount of information that is . . . → Read More: Why Do My Taxes Subsidize Fast Food?

What Kind of Grocery Shopper are You?

In Nutrition Education by Contento, she categorizes grocery shoppers into three categories – economizer, carefree spender & time-challenged. From my perspective, we can be at least two at once and those categories can change depending on the economic freedom or stress we are experiencing. In terms of looking for the availability of healthy food options . . . → Read More: What Kind of Grocery Shopper are You?

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