What Influences Your Food Decisions?

Who Decides What You Eat?  It is a relatively modern phenomena to believe that we are the masters of our daily food choices.  In previous generations, the culture in which you lived and the planning and effort in which your family, clan, tribe or nation determined the food supply and the season determined the timing of food available throughout the year.  However, if we stop and think about our daily food choices, I think we can see similar influences on our choices.  In fact, given the rate of obesity, heart disease, cancer and auto-immune diseases in Western society, I think it would wise to stop and consider the influences on what we eat.

The following is a link to the presentation “Who Decides What You Eat?”.  This was part of the requirement for the Nutrition Politics and Policies segment of my Doctoral Degree.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic…


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