The Influence of Bias on Research Regarding Health Advantages of Organic Food

This is my first attempt at a journal article that I would love to eventually publish.  However, I find myself stuck between the academic research world and the world of the informed consumer.  I have no interest in moving into the popular press.  I say first attempt because my Doctoral Adviser, Dr. Liz Lipski, aptly points out that I am wandering into two HUGE topics, either of which could fill a series of journal articles.  However, I promised to share my journey, so here it is…

The gist of the article is that there is a great deal of bias in research on food.  Researchers are compensated based on positive research results (not scientific discovery) and our governing agencies base their decisions on a summary of this research rather than the actual data.  Sadly, they are understaffed to process or understand the data if they had it.  In addition, there is little consensus on the health benefits of organic foods.  Arguably, much of this is due to the poor research in this area, but the fact remains that there is little corporate or government money to design and conduct a valid research study on whole food.  Patents are in vogue and you cannot patent Brussels sprouts or liver… yet.  I would love your feedback…

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