Seeds of Deception, Dr. Jeffery Smith

Seeds of Deception is a very readable book that gives a broad overview of the issues around the health and environmental consequences of genetically modified foods in the food supply, both animal and human.  Readable is an appropriate adjective as it written well in a story format.  Enjoyable is not an adjective I would use.  Disturbing.  Convicting. Mobilizing.  These are also appropriate adjectives.

Jeffery Smith is well researched and he perfectly blends the scientific research, the investigative journalism and the practical call to action.  This book is written for the public, lawmakers, activists and students of nutrition.  It is well documented so that you can certainly follow up on the studies he references.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in how GM foods influence health.  I caution you that it is difficult to put down once you start and that you feel compelled to action by what you now know.

Jeffery Smith is an activist from Iowa.  He started website called the Institute for Responsible Technology found at

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