It’s Not Just Your Genes!, Dr. Ruth DeBusk, PhD, RD & Yael Joffe, RD

A very practical book detailing the interplay between genetics and lifestyle factors as we know them today.  The authors divided the topics into general health, heart health, cancer prevention, diabetes prevention, bone health, body weight and aging well.  They did a great job of discussing current genetic tests, what they show and what that means for your health.  Two key points were that we know a great deal more than we did a decade ago, but there is a great deal yet to be discovered and simply having the gene does not mean it will express as a disease.  The role of supportive nutrition and avoiding toxins and negative lifestyle habits was a key part of the discussion.

An interesting discussion of the issues of privacy around these tests and the emotional impact of the findings on the patient and potentially their relatives was enlightening.  I thought this was an excellent book for an overview of these issues for the public and a starting point to understand the broader issues for someone interested in researching further.

Dr. Ruth DeBusk, PhD, RD has practiced in the field of nutrition for 40 years and currently maintains a practice in Tallahassee, Fl., studies nutritional genomics and does a great deal of speaking to educate the general public.  Yael Joffe, RD specializes in nutrigenomics and is the Director of Diet and Nutrition for Sciona, Inc. (nutrigenomic testing services).  Both authors have a passion for education.

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