Detox Your Home

With all the talk about personal detox, it is important to remember that our exposure to toxic chemicals increases the burden on our body. This can be a challenge as most common cleaning products contain a variety of known endocrine disruptors* and carcinogens**. In addition, many people find that odors from cleaning supplies can trigger . . . → Read More: Detox Your Home

Scientists Finding Fungi a Valuable Ally in Habitat Restoration

In 2001, this article was written re: the use of mushrooms to break down oil and gasoline spills. The process is called mycoremediation and was tested with the Washington State Department of Transportation in a 1998 field experiment. The results were promising.

Paul Stamets is the mycologist from Olympia, Washington who has conducted the research. . . . → Read More: Scientists Finding Fungi a Valuable Ally in Habitat Restoration

PCBs in Farm Raised Salmon

This article does a clear and complete job of explaining the contamination issues with farm raised salmon versus wild caught salmon. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) are “cancer causing chemicals that were banned in the United States in 1976 and are among the ‘dirty dozen’ toxic chemicals slated for global phase out.” The difficult issue is that . . . → Read More: PCBs in Farm Raised Salmon

Role of Stress in Health

Stress is everything, but it is not what we typically think. The following is a quote from The Healing Codes by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson. I highly recommend this book for understanding the role of stress in your physical, mental and emotional health.

If the immune and healing systems of the body . . . → Read More: Role of Stress in Health

Do We Believe in Wellness?

Do we really believe in wellness? Do we believe that our body is designed to repair and regenerate for well over 100years (if given the right building blocks)? Or, conversely, do we believe that our body is out to get us, waiting for the right opportunity to fall apart?

This is an important question in . . . → Read More: Do We Believe in Wellness?

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