Do We Believe in Wellness?

Do we really believe in wellness?  Do we believe that our body is designed to repair and regenerate for well over 100years (if given the right building blocks)?  Or, conversely, do we believe that our body is out to get us, waiting for the right opportunity to fall apart?

This is an important question in your personal health care.  At a basic level, our reality is created, moment by moment, by our beliefs.  What we believe is what we move toward.  If we believe that we will be a healthy, happy 90 year old with value to our family and friends then we will move toward that.  If we believe that we will likely suffer for two decades with a chronic illness only to die in our 70’s, then we will move toward that.  My scientific, linear mind considered it a little “out there” to think of the world this way at first.  Then I actually started reading the research with an open mind and found that there is ample proof  that this belief system drives us toward health or not.

Interestingly, even health practitioners in the field of naturopathy struggle with this.  Now this is a group of people who have been trained in the value of lifestyle habits, stress management and root causes.  The article below is an editorial that highlights the dilemma.  Pizzorno points out the need for naturopaths to question their beliefs as they work with their clients.  Supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbs can be very useful, but if we simply give supplements to address symptoms then we are practicing allopathically using nutritional supplements rather than addressing the underlying issues.  A key indicator for me is to ask myself as the client is leaving, “Is their hope in the supplements and diet plan, or is it in examining their own beliefs, underlying stressors and lifestyle habits while supporting their physical body with the supplements and diet?”

Elizabeth Naylor of Ebenezer Wellness on The Business Spotlight TV Show Tells about Nutrition – YouTube.


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