Functional Foods for Digestive Health & Disease, Dr. Liz Lipski

Functional Foods starts with an overview of how we have arrived at our current situation of increasing digestive problems that plague the western culture.  Dr. Lipski then proceeds to outline the significant support that that elimination diet can provide for those dealing with digestive problems, providing a review of research in that area.  She then goes on to highlight the role of functional foods that support digestion and liver detox, the use of probiotics and prebiotics, fiber, polyphenols and demulcent foods.  It is this area of demulcent foods that soothe inflamed membranes and enhance digestion that I find most fascinating and I find my clients to find helpful and empowering in supporting their digestion on an ongoing basis.  Dr. Lipski points out the traditional view of foods such as green bananas, bone broths, cabbage juice, ginger and honey while folding in recent scientific research supporting the use of these foods.  I found the chapter (soon to be included in Integrative Gastroenterology) a great overview with many practical suggestions that could be easily implemented

Dr. Liz Lipski is board certified in clinical nutrition and holistic nutrition.  She serves as the Doctoral adviser for Hawthorn University in the area of holistic nutrition.  Dr. Lipski also maintains a private practice and speaks nationally on the subject of digestion and disease.


Lipski, E. (2011). Functional Foods for Digestive Health & Disease. USA: Oxford.

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