Irritable Bowel Syndrome: An Integrated Approach to Gut Feelings

I found this article a practical and virtually complete holistic view of IBS treatment.  The overview of the digestive system function starting at birth, the role of stress, the role of digestive and absorption and the view of integrated treatment of IBS was most helpful as a practitioner.  Additionally, the article would be helpful to any individual facing IBS as it gives a roadmap of all of the underlying factors that contribute to the disorder and treatment suggestions for each factor.  In seeking professional advice, this roadmap is useful for the patient to interview the healthcare professional in order to find the most complete fit in care.  The flow chart outlining this process is a very clear presentation, visually following this somewhat complicated process in great detail.

Dr. Patrick Hanaway is board certified in family practice and holistic medicine.  He has experience in a holistic family practice setting and is currently the medical director for Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory.


Hanaway, P. (2004). Irritable Bowel Syndrome: An Integrated Approach to Gut Feelings. Integrative Medicine, 3(5), 16-21.

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