Digestive Wellness, Dr. Liz Lipski

Digestive Wellness should be a staple in the library of every health professional and truly any lay person who is interested in preserving their health.  It sets the tone regarding the critical importance of digestive health in every aspect of our lives making the connection to obvious digestive issues such as heartburn, gas and gall stones and the not so obvious consequences of digestive issues such as arthritis, asthma and migraines.  Dr. Lipski provides practical questionnaires, advice on changing dietary habits and specific recommendations on testing and nutritional supplements for many conditions.  There are also specific resource recommendations in the book for additional testing and support.

Dr. Liz Lipski is board certified in clinical nutrition and holistic nutrition.  She serves as the Doctoral adviser for Hawthorn University in the area of holistic nutrition.  Dr. Lipski also maintains a private practice and speaks nationally on the subject of digestion and disease.


Lipski, E. (2005). Digestive wellness (Completely rev. and updated 3rd ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

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