Probiotics in Children (Kilger, Hanaway, & Cohrssen, 2007)

This article serves as a review of a great deal of research worldwide on the issue of probiotics use in children.  It has been demonstrated that the development of a healthy gastrointestinal flora is vital for a healthy immune and digestive function in children.  The authors present the development and function of the gut flora from birth and then apply current research to clinical applications.  The treatment of diarrhea, from any cause, has been demonstrated consistently and there are multiple studies that show the use of probiotics to be beneficial for necrotizing enterocolitis in premature infants, IBS, constipation, infant colic and atopic dermatitis.  Given the safety of probiotics and the fact that they are helpful in many conditions, this article provides a valuable overview of which strains and at what doses a practitioner may recommend them to parents.

The authors are all medical doctors practicing with an integrated philosophy.  Kligler and Cohrssen practice in the urban environment of New York City and Hanaway practices in Asheville, NC.


Kilger, B., Hanaway, P., & Cohrssen, A. (2007). Probiotics in Children. Pediatric Clinical Nutrition America, 54, 949-967.

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