Natural Detoxification: A Practical Encyclopedia

This book is truly an encyclopedia on natural detoxification.  It begins with an overview of the sources of toxins and how an overload can look very different from one individual to the next.  It covers how the body performs detox through the various organs and the nutrients (foods) required to support phase I and phase II detox.  There is a great deal of information about how we are exposed to toxins in our environment and finally the many ways we can support the detox effort in our body.  The methods of supporting detox range from diet and nutrition to saunas, exercise and colon therapy.  Many of the techniques are self help although a few may require help from a health care professional.  Finally, I like the last section that supports prevention of exposure to toxins.  There is advice on cleaner pesticides, gardening tips and detox solutions when you are exposed to chemicals.

Dr. Krohn is a medical doctor who specializes in environmental and occupational medicine and pediatrics.  She is also a certified homeopath.  She has a clinic inNew Mexicowhere she utilizes several alternative therapies in her work.  Frances Taylor, MA is the head allergy technician in theNew Mexicoclinic with Dr. Krohn.

Natural Detoxification: A Practical Encyclopedia  (Krohn & Taylor, 2000)

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