The Basics of Detoxification

The human body is designed to detoxify.  Every cell, every second undergoes detoxification or that cell will die.  Detoxification is defined as any process that decreases the negative impact of foreign toxins (from outside of you) and internal toxins (from your own moment by moment functioning) on bodily processes.   Interestingly, there are many routes of detoxification throughout the body and even within the route, such as liver detox, there are multiple pathways.  This series of redundant systems utilize not just a Plan A, but also a Plan B, C, D and more to remove toxins.  Research is highlighting the importance of this flexibility as we are finding that there is a great deal of biochemical individuality in how individuals detox and it is critical for long term health to maintain this flexibility.   This ability to utilize a multitude of options in biochemical processes is referred to as physiological degrees of freedom.  A reduction in the number of degrees of freedom appears to negatively impact health status.  More importantly, these degrees of freedom are influenced by both genetics and diet/lifestyle supporting the growing recognition that there is much that can be done by you in support of your own healthy longevity.

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