Common Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Normal

At the age of 35, I did not believe in the world natural health and nutrition.  In fact, I was skeptical at best and antagonistic at worst.  However, with my symptoms mounting at the age of 35 and few answers from conventional medicine, I began to explore alternative (as I called it then) health care options.  A simple, yet powerful tool that I discovered along the way is the Systems Survey.  After about ten minutes of indicating my frequency and severity of 180 symptoms, I was presented with a report that scored my top three categories of dysfunction based on my symptoms.  It seems crazy to me now, but at the time I had no idea that all of these miscellaneous and “disconnected” symptoms related to dysfunction in blood sugar balance or the inability of my liver and gall bladder to properly detox all that I was throwing at my body.  In fact, I (encouraged by my conventional doctor and most of the other people around me in the same boat) believed they were the normal aging process!  Imagine that!!!

I have since learned that traditional healing practices, such as eating nutrient dense foods, practicing seasons of cleansing and avoiding toxic input have the power to turn back these symptoms.  I experienced that after my first Purification Program.  Before the program I had over 150 points indicating the number and severity of symptoms.  After the 21 days, I scored less that 20 points, indicating that most of my symptoms had cleared.  For me, the most life changing symptom to disappear was migraines.  I was experiencing debilitating migraines several days each month.  Without changing anything else other than diet and the one Purification Program, I did not have another migraine for nine months!

I realized that these symptoms are common for the general population, but they are not normal .  Aging does not have to look like one thing after another going wrong.  Although we are all aging, these symptoms of aging were traditionally thought to start in your 50’s and 60’s.  The fact that many of us are experiencing them decades earlier speaks to the fact that our diet and lifestyle are not supportive to good health.  In addition to the disruption in our daily lives, these symptoms also point to the progression of insulin resistance and toxic buildup that contribute to all of the diseases we want to avoid – cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia.

However, there is another option available to almost everyone.  Healthy aging does occur and it includes…

  • A redistribution of your weight, but not necessarily weight gain
  • Hormone changes, but not hormone imbalances
  • A few wrinkles, but not dry skin with excessive wrinkles and brown spots
  • Gray hair, but not excessively weak hair or hair loss
  • A changing rhythm to intimacy, but not a lack of libido

If you are interested in learning the language of your own symptoms, contact my office and request a “System Survey” in the subject line.  We will send you an on-line link and return the report to you after you complete the survey.   Remember, common doesn’t necessarily mean normal.


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