Hair Mineral Patterns and Your Health

If you’ve ever experienced a series of health issues, whether large or small, and wondered to yourself, “Am I just falling apart?”, then you have likely understood the frustration of trying to put all of the pieces together and make sense of symptoms.  Often we are told, “You are just getting older”,  and, “Here, take this.”  If you find that excuse and solution as unsatisfying as I do, then you are in the right place to understand some of the solutions that a more integrative approach can offer.

Hair Mineral Analysis & Saliva Hormone Testing

If you are looking for support with a significant health issue, have a health issue that has puzzled the best doctors, or simply want to be proactive in prevention, then testing with hair mineral analysis and saliva hormone testing may provide the answers you are seeking.  Often, when facing complicated health issues, weight gain, and confusing symptoms, these tests open up understanding on the underlying systems contributing to the issues.  Customized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are then given to balance these patterns.  Symptoms may be similar and yet symptoms don’t account for metabolic patterns.  What is needed for one person is not necessarily the best choice for another and that is the importance and the value of testing.

I am often asked what, specifically, can you learn from a Hair Mineral Analysis.  My answer is, “A great deal – in fact I believe it is one of the most valuable health assessments available.”  A Hair Mineral Analysis does not diagnose disease or tell you your hormone levels.  However it does give a 20,000 foot of key aspects of your endocrine system (hormones that impact blood sugar, thyroid, adrenals and male/female hormone balance) and some important information about your digestion and your metabolic pattern – whether is is overly fast or slow.  Saliva hormone testing can give specific levels and patterns of hormones and have the advantage of being far less expensive and less invasive (the kit can be taken home and completed).

The value of hair analysis is discussed in Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis, by Lawrence Wilson, M.D.

    1. Hair provides a unique cellular reading of the mineral levels.  The cells, not the blood or urine, are the major site of metabolic activity.  Blood tests are excellent, but do not provide the same information for the following reasons:
      • mineral levels are lower in the blood, making detection of trace elements more difficult.
      • mineral levels are kept relatively constant in the blood even when pathology is present. Hair mineral values often vary by a factor of ten, making measurement easier.
      • toxic metals are not found in a high concentration in the blood except right after acute exposure and
      • blood tests can vary from hour to hour depending upon diet, time of day and many other factors.
    2. Hair analysis is acknowledged to be one of the few ways to detect toxic metals. Toxic metals concentrate in the soft tissues, not in the blood or urine. Heavy metal toxicity is an important, but hidden problem that is often ignored in medicine.
    3. Hair testing can provide an assessment of an individual’s stage of stress and oxidation rate. The oxidation rate provides a tremendous quantity of information very quickly. It is valuable in determining dietary needs, as well as for recommending nutritional supplements.
    4. Hair testing can provide indicators of glandular activity, liver and kidney function, and carbohydrate tolerance. Sugar and carbohydrate intolerance is a critical health problem today, often overlooked by conventional practitioners. Although the glucose tolerance test (GTT) is more precise, the hair test can provide insight into the cause of the problem.
    5.  Tendencies for over 30 common health conditions can be identified from a hair analysis, often before symptoms of the condition develop. Disease trends are often the most valuable aspect of the test.
    6. Trends for common psychological conditions such as depression, hyperkinesis, anxiety, and mood swings may be identified through a hair analysis. Hair analysis research confirms the intimate connection between biochemistry and many emotional disorders.
    7. A hair analysis can provide and energetic analysis of the body. Energy is a common denominator of health.  Restoring energy is a key to healing.
    8.  Hair analysis can help take some of the quesswork out of recommending diet and nutritional supplements.
    9. Hair analysis can help monitor progress, even if a person is not following a nutritional program. Changes in body chemistry for any reason are reflected on the hair test.

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