The Battle Going on Inside of You

Did you know that the thought of “catching a cold” is not the whole story? Yes, exposure to germs that make their way into your body through breathing or your mouth is part of the equation. However, there are also many kinds of germs – bacteria, virus and fungal living inside of you, waiting for . . . → Read More: The Battle Going on Inside of You

Simple Steps to Boost Your Immune System

Here are some simple, yet effective steps you can take to keep your immune system healthy and therefore greatly reducing your risks for colds & flu: SLEEP (7-9 hours/night) There is a reason why the days are shorter in the winter. Take advantage of your natural body clock. Sleep is healing when you consistently get . . . → Read More: Simple Steps to Boost Your Immune System

Role of Stress in Health

Stress is everything, but it is not what we typically think. The following is a quote from The Healing Codes by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson. I highly recommend this book for understanding the role of stress in your physical, mental and emotional health.

If the immune and healing systems of the body . . . → Read More: Role of Stress in Health

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