START HERE as you develop your wellness strategy.

This one thing can sink or supercharge your health goals. I am not talking about some super vitamin, a diet or exercise program or a detox protocol – I am talking about your own patterns of thinking.

When you hear that stress contributes strongly to 90%+ of all disease, what is your first thought? If . . . → Read More: START HERE as you develop your wellness strategy.

Nutrition and Emotional Health

When discussing holistic nutrition, there are several presuppositions that are foundational to any program if we are to achieve long term results.

The first is that there is a profound connection between the spirit, soul (mind, emotion & will) and the physical body. Secondly, biochemical stress internally (poor nutrition, poor elimination, toxic overload) will add . . . → Read More: Nutrition and Emotional Health

21 Day Purification Program

Thousands of people across the country have experienced renewed energy, weight loss, better sleep and reduction of many toxicity symptoms through the 21-Day Purification Program. This is not a fad diet or a dangerous cleanse. It is an eating plan and whole food supplement protocol designed to support your body’s natural ability to detox and . . . → Read More: 21 Day Purification Program

Common Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Normal

At the age of 35, I did not believe in the world natural health and nutrition. In fact, I was skeptical at best and antagonistic at worst. However, with my symptoms mounting at the age of 35 and few answers from conventional medicine, I began to explore alternative (as I called it then) health care . . . → Read More: Common Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Normal

The Battle Going on Inside of You

Did you know that the thought of “catching a cold” is not the whole story? Yes, exposure to germs that make their way into your body through breathing or your mouth is part of the equation. However, there are also many kinds of germs – bacteria, virus and fungal living inside of you, waiting for . . . → Read More: The Battle Going on Inside of You

Simple Steps to Boost Your Immune System

Here are some simple, yet effective steps you can take to keep your immune system healthy and therefore greatly reducing your risks for colds & flu: SLEEP (7-9 hours/night) There is a reason why the days are shorter in the winter. Take advantage of your natural body clock. Sleep is healing when you consistently get . . . → Read More: Simple Steps to Boost Your Immune System

The Basics of Detoxification

The human body is designed to detoxify. Every cell, every second undergoes detoxification or that cell will die. Detoxification is defined as any process that decreases the negative impact of foreign toxins (from outside of you) and internal toxins (from your own moment by moment functioning) on bodily processes. Interestingly, there are many routes of . . . → Read More: The Basics of Detoxification

Natural Detoxification: A Practical Encyclopedia

This book is truly an encyclopedia on natural detoxification. It begins with an overview of the sources of toxins and how an overload can look very different from one individual to the next. It covers how the body performs detox through the various organs and the nutrients (foods) required to support phase I and phase . . . → Read More: Natural Detoxification: A Practical Encyclopedia

Silymarin for Liver Protection

I have used the herb Milk Thistle and the fraction Silymarin for several years after learning the liver protective value when under going my first cleanse. Reading this review article has renewed my enthusiasm for the herb and encouraged me to tell more of my clients about it. I was amazed by the number of . . . → Read More: Silymarin for Liver Protection

Pesticide Exposure in Preschool Children

This study was done to compare the organophosphorus metabolites (pesticides) found in the urine of preschool children (ages 2-5) from two distinct groups – those on almost exclusive organic diets and those on almost exclusive conventional diets. The authors asked parents to keep a food diary three days before urine collection. The findings were that . . . → Read More: Pesticide Exposure in Preschool Children

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