Hair Mineral Patterns and Your Health

If you’ve ever experienced a series of health issues, whether large or small, and wondered to yourself, “Am I just falling apart?”, then you have likely understood the frustration of trying to put all of the pieces together and make sense of symptoms. Often we are told, “You are just getting older”, and, “Here, take . . . → Read More: Hair Mineral Patterns and Your Health

Symptoms are clues but what do they mean?

Symptoms are common but not normal. It is not normal to have increasing symptoms that are just attributed to “aging.” Symptoms are a sign that something is not working correctly. Simple symptoms, when systemically organized, can provide insight into underlying drivers of organ and glandular systems that contribute to health issues. Understanding this can empower . . . → Read More: Symptoms are clues but what do they mean?

Nutrition and Emotional Health

When discussing holistic nutrition, there are several presuppositions that are foundational to any program if we are to achieve long term results.

The first is that there is a profound connection between the spirit, soul (mind, emotion & will) and the physical body. Secondly, biochemical stress internally (poor nutrition, poor elimination, toxic overload) will add . . . → Read More: Nutrition and Emotional Health

Silymarin for Liver Protection

I have used the herb Milk Thistle and the fraction Silymarin for several years after learning the liver protective value when under going my first cleanse. Reading this review article has renewed my enthusiasm for the herb and encouraged me to tell more of my clients about it. I was amazed by the number of . . . → Read More: Silymarin for Liver Protection

Do you have metabolic syndrome?


Have you ever wondered why when one thing goes wrong with your health, all of the sudden there are several things, seemingly unconnected, that go wrong? Maybe you have never had a health issue, but you pick up a few pounds after a stressful period of time and the next visit to the doctor . . . → Read More: Do you have metabolic syndrome?

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