What Influences Your Food Decisions?

Who Decides What You Eat? It is a relatively modern phenomena to believe that we are the masters of our daily food choices. In previous generations, the culture in which you lived and the planning and effort in which your family, clan, tribe or nation determined the food supply and the season determined the timing . . . → Read More: What Influences Your Food Decisions?

Is Organic Worth It?

If you view value as more good stuff (nutrient dense) without the bad stuff (pesticides, hormones & concerns about genetic modification) then organic is certainly worth it. Marion Nestle explores other issues around the organic label in her book, What to Eat. She addresses many questions and I thought a summary might be in order.

. . . → Read More: Is Organic Worth It?

Why is the question, “What it eat?”, so complicated?

I love Marion Nestle’s answer in her book , What to Eat. As a professor of nutrition at NYU and a former adviser for several USDA, FDA and Health and Human Services committees, she has a unique perspective.

Nutrition topics are often controversial, and here is the short reason why: the science is complicated. Complicated . . . → Read More: Why is the question, “What it eat?”, so complicated?

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