Eating Healthy on a Budget (part 2)

The old saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, is very appropriate here. These suggestions require you to set aside some time to plan each week and to talk with your family to gain their support. Once you get over the initial learning curve, these suggestions prove to be a huge time savings.

Develop . . . → Read More: Eating Healthy on a Budget (part 2)

Full Moon Feast, Foods for the Wolf Moon

In the book, Full Moon Feast, Food and the Hunger for Connection, (Prentice, 2006) Jessica Prentice does a beautiful job of providing a cultural background to the foods we eat during the year based on seasons or moons. She chronicles the thirteen full moons, gives them traditional names and provides recipes appropriate to that moon . . . → Read More: Full Moon Feast, Foods for the Wolf Moon

Full Moon Feast, Jessica Prentice

In her book, Full Moon Feast, Jessica Prentice documents what we intuitively know when we stop to pay attention – there are certain foods that just fit with certain times of year. She takes us through thirteen moons and the stories and food stuffs that fit the particular moon. I loved how she intertwined culture, . . . → Read More: Full Moon Feast, Jessica Prentice

What Kind of Grocery Shopper are You?

In Nutrition Education by Contento, she categorizes grocery shoppers into three categories – economizer, carefree spender & time-challenged. From my perspective, we can be at least two at once and those categories can change depending on the economic freedom or stress we are experiencing. In terms of looking for the availability of healthy food options . . . → Read More: What Kind of Grocery Shopper are You?

Cost of Eating Healthy

Can you really eat a full nine servings of fruits (4 servings) and vegetables (5 servings) for only a few dollars per day? YES!

If you did, would that make you healthier? MOST LIKELY!

Marion Nestle, in her book, What to Eat, debunks the myth that cost can truly be the leading factor in why . . . → Read More: Cost of Eating Healthy

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