Beyond Calories and Exercise: The Influence of Gut Health and Environmental Chemicals on Obesity and Diabetes

The incidence of diabetes and obesity is a global health crisis. In the Unites States (U.S.) alone, 11.3% (25.6 million) of all people over the age of twenty have diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes. Another 35% are estimated to have pre-diabetes and it is recognized that 11% of these will develop type 2 diabetes each year . . . → Read More: Beyond Calories and Exercise: The Influence of Gut Health and Environmental Chemicals on Obesity and Diabetes

Nutrition and Emotional Health

When discussing holistic nutrition, there are several presuppositions that are foundational to any program if we are to achieve long term results.

The first is that there is a profound connection between the spirit, soul (mind, emotion & will) and the physical body. Secondly, biochemical stress internally (poor nutrition, poor elimination, toxic overload) will add . . . → Read More: Nutrition and Emotional Health

21 Day Purification Program

Thousands of people across the country have experienced renewed energy, weight loss, better sleep and reduction of many toxicity symptoms through the 21-Day Purification Program. This is not a fad diet or a dangerous cleanse. It is an eating plan and whole food supplement protocol designed to support your body’s natural ability to detox and . . . → Read More: 21 Day Purification Program

The Basics of Detoxification

The human body is designed to detoxify. Every cell, every second undergoes detoxification or that cell will die. Detoxification is defined as any process that decreases the negative impact of foreign toxins (from outside of you) and internal toxins (from your own moment by moment functioning) on bodily processes. Interestingly, there are many routes of . . . → Read More: The Basics of Detoxification

Natural Detoxification: A Practical Encyclopedia

This book is truly an encyclopedia on natural detoxification. It begins with an overview of the sources of toxins and how an overload can look very different from one individual to the next. It covers how the body performs detox through the various organs and the nutrients (foods) required to support phase I and phase . . . → Read More: Natural Detoxification: A Practical Encyclopedia

Silymarin for Liver Protection

I have used the herb Milk Thistle and the fraction Silymarin for several years after learning the liver protective value when under going my first cleanse. Reading this review article has renewed my enthusiasm for the herb and encouraged me to tell more of my clients about it. I was amazed by the number of . . . → Read More: Silymarin for Liver Protection

Not So Sexy: The Health Risks of Secret Chemicals in Fragrance

This report is a clear and powerful compilation of the issues around consumer safety and the perfume industry. The authors tested 17 name-brand fragrances, discovering that only half the ingredients included in the fragrance are found on the label. On average, 14 ingredients were secret in addition to the 15 on the label. This is . . . → Read More: Not So Sexy: The Health Risks of Secret Chemicals in Fragrance

Optimal Health for Future Generations

Preparing to conceive and carry a child is one of the most important things in a young couple ‘s lives and yet we rarely give it much thought in our current culture. Gone are the days when young couples of childbearing years were given specific instructions and foods to build their bodies before conception and . . . → Read More: Optimal Health for Future Generations

But I don’t live near a toxic waste dump…

If you have been reading along with the blogs on environmental nutrition and you are still unsure if it is really an issue of importance to your health, take a look at this short video. It may inspire you to make some positive changes.

Environmental Working Group’s “10 Americans Video“

Scientists Finding Fungi a Valuable Ally in Habitat Restoration

In 2001, this article was written re: the use of mushrooms to break down oil and gasoline spills. The process is called mycoremediation and was tested with the Washington State Department of Transportation in a 1998 field experiment. The results were promising.

Paul Stamets is the mycologist from Olympia, Washington who has conducted the research. . . . → Read More: Scientists Finding Fungi a Valuable Ally in Habitat Restoration

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