Vegetables Medley with Chiles

From Clean Starting: Inspiring You to Eat Clean and Live Well by Tarry Walters


Roasting is a way to prepare a variety of winter vegetables, from roots and tubers to squashes and cabbages. The addition of habanero peppers gives this dish extra hear, which is always welcome on a cold day. If habaneros are . . . → Read More: Vegetables Medley with Chiles

Do your food choices, even if they are not perfect, really matter?

Just a Little More Attention for a Big Impact

In a 2010 systemic review and meta-analysis (the researchers picked out all of the high quality studies globally and gained insights from them) the authors found that just a little more compliance with the Mediterranean diet led to an …

8% reduction of death from all . . . → Read More: Do your food choices, even if they are not perfect, really matter?

Full Moon Feast, Foods for the Wolf Moon

In the book, Full Moon Feast, Food and the Hunger for Connection, (Prentice, 2006) Jessica Prentice does a beautiful job of providing a cultural background to the foods we eat during the year based on seasons or moons. She chronicles the thirteen full moons, gives them traditional names and provides recipes appropriate to that moon . . . → Read More: Full Moon Feast, Foods for the Wolf Moon

The Influence of Bias on Research Regarding Health Advantages of Organic Food

This is my first attempt at a journal article that I would love to eventually publish. However, I find myself stuck between the academic research world and the world of the informed consumer. I have no interest in moving into the popular press. I say first attempt because my Doctoral Adviser, Dr. Liz Lipski, aptly . . . → Read More: The Influence of Bias on Research Regarding Health Advantages of Organic Food

What Influences Your Food Decisions?

Who Decides What You Eat? It is a relatively modern phenomena to believe that we are the masters of our daily food choices. In previous generations, the culture in which you lived and the planning and effort in which your family, clan, tribe or nation determined the food supply and the season determined the timing . . . → Read More: What Influences Your Food Decisions?

What Kind of Grocery Shopper are You?

In Nutrition Education by Contento, she categorizes grocery shoppers into three categories – economizer, carefree spender & time-challenged. From my perspective, we can be at least two at once and those categories can change depending on the economic freedom or stress we are experiencing. In terms of looking for the availability of healthy food options . . . → Read More: What Kind of Grocery Shopper are You?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

My personal experience with a local farmer is purchasing cheese, cream, eggs and yogurt directly from the farmer. I would call in each week by Tuesday and met the Farmer on Thursday for the pick-up. My husband still gets a kick out of the back alley drop points! I loved the freshness, quality and price . . . → Read More: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Cost of Eating Healthy

Can you really eat a full nine servings of fruits (4 servings) and vegetables (5 servings) for only a few dollars per day? YES!

If you did, would that make you healthier? MOST LIKELY!

Marion Nestle, in her book, What to Eat, debunks the myth that cost can truly be the leading factor in why . . . → Read More: Cost of Eating Healthy

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